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Tips for Solo Travelling in a New Place


Are you planning to take a solo trip? Whether you plan to get a shuttle service or try out the local transportation system, here are some tips you should when exploring a new place on your own.

  • Prepare an Itinerary
    Having a plan beforehand is the bare minimum when traveling to a new place. Always do your research on prices for fare, food, entrance fees, etc. so you can have a ballpark on how much your budget will be per day during the trip.
  • Always Have Spare Change
    When it comes to taking a taxi or other modes of transportation, having change is always handy. Breaking your big bills is the best way to make things more convenient for yourself. this can also deter scams from coming your way.
  • Learn the Basics
    When it comes to asking where the bathroom is, learning some of the basics of a language is useful. It can be used for greeting and skiing for specific directions too.
  • Rent a Car
    Going around can be confusing and sometimes even nerve-wracking for someone who’s exploring a new place. Having your car, however, can make navigating a new city more comfortable.
  • Get a Car Service
    Availing of a car service in Buffalo, New York is a convenient, safe, and efficient way to go around town. You can also have them take you to the airport. You won’t have to worry about being late!

Buffalo Niagara Airport Shuttle is your airport transportation in Buffalo, New York! We handle your luggage with care, take you to your destination safely, and make sure you’re on time! For your inquiries and concerns, feel free to call us today!

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